Events are celebrations for achievements rewarded well and in letting the achievers know that they’ve made the right moves, that their strategies have been well executed and that they’ve achieved the victory that they had set their hearts and minds on. It’s to let them know that they’re important. It inspires our achievers to deliver more.

Delmos World Events Expertise:

So after all that hard work, sit back and relax while we handle it all for you.
We understand the value of planning, the desire for unmatched quality, the role of creativity and the significance of detailing in creating a memorable and Wow experience.

  • Selection of unique venues
  • Innovative Stage Concepts & Designs
  • Backstage Management
  • Artist Coordination – Bollywood, TV Celebrities & International Performer
  • Bands – Indian, Western, Classical, Fusion
  • Dance Troupes – Indian & International
  • Stand-Up Comedians
  • Celebrity DJ’s & VJ’s
  • Masters of Ceremony (EMCEE)
  • Fashion Pageant and Choreography
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Water Curtain & Screens
  • Laser Shows
  • Product Launches
  • Motivational Speakers & Workshops
  • Team Building & Sporting Events
  • Audio Visual Services
  • Event Filming
  • Live Feed
  • Still Photography
  • Marquees & Inflatables
  • Technical Expertise
  • Catering – Indian & International Cuisine
  • Gifts & Merchandising
  • Graphic Designs & Printing
MIce - Delmos World

Gala Nite – Integral part of the Event

Fun & Frolic as the participants let their hair down, this is the most awaited function that All Incentive programs conclude with!

At Delmos World, we take each element of  the Gala night with great seriousness.

  • Unique indoor and outdoor venue selection
  • Food & Beverage curation
  • Theme & Concept design
  • Entertainment to suit the theme

Some ideas of gala dinner concepts and themes are a beach set-up or a pool side barbecue, using the Pyramids or the Taj becoming the backdrop of the entire set-up. Underneath the Eiffel Tower, bush dinners in the jungle or a layout on mountain tops overlooking the twinkling lights of the city, the choices and thoughts of our experienced team is unlimited.

galanight - Delmos World
galanight - Delmos World

Food and Drinks, we recognize are the key to a successful evening. Our partnership with local culinary experts, who set-up lip-smacking feasts ensuring that the most disciplined willingly break their diet regime. Careful thought and planning goes in the selection of food and utmost care is taken to avoid duplication of Menu’s.

We have the ability to cater to authentic regional Indian cuisine and our team of professional Chefs will make it happen at any destination Overseas.

galanight - Delmos World

Some ideas of gala dinner concepts and themes are beach set-up or a pool side barbecue or the Pyramids or the Taj becoming the backdrop or the entire set-up underneath the Eiffel Tower, bush dinners in the jungle or a layout on mountain tops overlooking the twinkling of the city, the choice and thoughts with DWPL is unlimited.

galanight - Delmos World

Of course, food and drinks are the key to a successful evening. Our partnership with local culinary experts set-up lip-smacking feast ensuring the most disciplined eater break their diet regime for these few days and more so not repent the same. If an ardent fan of authentic Indian cuisine that you wish to serve to your guests, our team of chefs from India will make it happen.

To jazz up the night, We can provide mind blowing entertainment by best dancers, musicians, comic acts and performances that will leave the audience asking for more.

Mixing together all of the above in just that right quantity is our strength at Delmos World. Our team will ensure that the awards / Gala night will leave your guest with a box full of wonderful memory.


Some Exceptional & Unique, while others Mind-Boggling, that you may have seen, heard or thought of, but never actually done. Now Experience the same with Delmos World!

sea kayaking - Delmos World


Take some time off for a calm, fun activity. Sea kayaking is a lovely experience.

group canoe - Delmos World


Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream! Well actually you paddle in a canoe and you do it as a team, in two’s or three’s working together to get good results or it could be a mutiny. The instructor will brief the basic principles of paddling and safety on dry land before you have a go yourself.

flyboarding - Delmos World


Balance, confidence and a heart for adventure. Now feel like you can fly.

junga - Delmos World


A game of skill and strategy, as you build a tower, move the pieces from the bottom and grow the tower higher and hope that you aren’t the one who makes it fall.

dirt biking - Delmos World


On special lightweight motorcycles, ride on unpaved ground. Swerve, jump and spin to your heart’s content. After a safety briefing, and gearing up in helmets, knee and elbow pads and other safety equipments, it’s time for your team and you to pump up the ignition and get ready to blast off.

drumming - Delmos World


Time to make a lot of noise. Experience the freedom to simply let go and set up your own beat. Drumming is a universal expression that transcends all boundaries-personal, organizational or cultural. Drumming increases productivity and efficiency through better team work and interactive team building

water polo - Delmos World


Combination of swimming and volleyball, compete with each other or play for fun a game of Water Polo. The team with the most goals at the end of game wins.

bike building - Delmos World


Brainy, thought provoking and a challenging program where the participants in small groups solve specific challenges and work together through a series of activities with an overall aim to build a bike from scratch.

off road driving - Delmos World


Every once in a while, there comes a strategy that takes you off the beaten path. That’s when the thrill of an adventure is experienced. Under the guidance of trained professionals off-drive on a 4×4 journey to explore the paths unknown.

Snow mobile - Delmos World


Every move sets you up for a different experience. Hop on a snow mobile with an experienced driver or self-drive as you roar on tracks of snow to explore the white scenic countryside.

Swim dolphne - Delmos World


Never stop learning. And you can learn from every experience. Swim with dolphins and see how these beautiful, intelligent creatures leave you with a feeling of immense joy.

Rally driving - Delmos World


Speed is exciting. Time is limited to make your moves, the senses become sharper. Climb into a powerful rally car and experience the adrenaline rush.

Quadbike - Delmos World


Always remember to have fun. Even if it takes you places you’ve never been to. Drive off a quad bike to places you just feel like. Just remember to keep your grip firm.

Hang Gliding - Delmos World


Sometimes it helps to step back and see the board from a different perspective. Hang gliding lets you do something similar. It will lift you and your spirits and let you see your world from the top of the world

sky Diving - Delmos World


Excitement, thrill, and a serious sense of urgency. As you step out of the plane with nothing below except clouds and fresh air. Float above the world with that high feeling.

Go kart activity - Delmos World


Speed on the tracks just as professionals would race, competing with yourself or with your fellow team members.

bungee jumping Activity - Delmos World


Every once in a while you must do things against your instincts. Be unpredictable. Jump off a high platform. Safely tethered of course, and feel the blood rush through the body as you see the world differently, upside-down.

flying Fox Activity - Delmos World


Speed on the tracks just as professionals would race, competing with yourself or with your fellow team members.

Marathon- Delmos World


Preparation and planning will take you far.

Other fun-filled activities to keep up the spirits:

  • Paintball
  • Ice carving
  • Tank riding
  • Kite flying
  • Group cycling
  • Dragon boating
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Beer biking
  • Master chef classes
  • Exclusive marathon run

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