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DELMOS WORLD has taken all possible care to ensure that the information posted on the website is accurate. However, .DELMOS WORLD does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this website and DELMOS WORLD under no circumstances can be held liable for any loss what so ever caused by reliance on this information. All information on this website including the terms and conditions can be amended, changed and/or updated anytime and without any notice to anyone and the users will be bound by all such changes. DELMOS WORLD may also make improvements and/or changes in the products, services and/or programs described on this site at any time without notice.

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It is up to you to take precautions to ensure that whatever you select for your use is free of all such items such as viruses, worms, trojan horses, malicious codes and other items of a destructive nature. IN NO EVENT WILL DELMOS WORLD BE LIABLE TO ANY PARTY FOR ANY LOSS OR DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INLCUDING MISUSE CAUSED BY USE OF THIS WEBSITE, OR ANY OTHER HYPERLINKED WEBSITE.


Please note that information on our products and services is provided to you on our website is for you to know the products DELMOS WORLD offers and not as an offer sell or as a solicitation to purchase any of our products or services. Our products and service references on our website is for general description purposes only. Do communicate with us through our Contact Us page enabling us to supply you details of your requirements.


The information provided from this site is with a clear understanding that DELMOS WORLD is not providing professional advice of any kind. Should you have any questions requiring professional advice please seek the same from your professional advisors.

This disclaimer, limitation of liability and exclusions shall apply irrespective of whether the damages arise from (a) Breach of Warranty, (b) Negligence (c) Breach of Contract and (d) any other cause of action to the extent such limitation and exclusion are not rendered invalid by applicable law.


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