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Discover the Hidden Gems of North East India with Our Customized Tour Packages

Experience the beauty and culture of North East India, affordably with our Customized Tour Packages. Explore the stunning beaches of Puri, visit the famous Jagannath Temple, and witness the sun rising over the Bay of Bengal. Discover the tribal villages of Odisha and interact with the local communities, learning about their unique customs and traditions.

Visit the historical city of Kolkata, where you can explore the Victoria Memorial, the Howrah Bridge, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Sample the delicious cuisine of West Bengal, including spicy fish curries and traditional sweets.

Travel to the lush tea gardens of Darjeeling and enjoy a cup of the world-famous Darjeeling tea while taking in the stunning views of the Himalayan Mountains. Visit the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and experience a ride on the famous toy train.

Explore the charm of Sikkim with our Sikkim Tour Packages, as you journey through the picturesque landscapes of this Himalayan state. Visit the famous Rumtek Monastery, take a cable car ride to witness the breathtaking views of Gangtok, and explore the vibrant markets of the capital city.

With our East India Tour Packages, you can discover the fascinating history, rich culture, and natural beauty of this diverse region. Contact us today to book your tour and embark on a journey of a lifetime!